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Contact Us

Fulton County Health Center welcomes your feedback regarding this website and any questions you may have about our services. Your opinions and comments are very important to us. Below is a list of department phone numbers of our many services. You can also e-mail us at and we will respond to you in a timely manner. For any other departments not listed, you can contact the Health Center's general information line at 419-335-2015 .
Main Number 419-335-2015
Department Contact Information
Administration 419-335-2015
Auxiliary 419-335-2015
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 419-330-2692
Cashier 419-330-2605
CCU Waiting Room 419-330-2770
CCU Nurses Station 419-330-2654
Central Registration 419-330-2644
Corporate & Community Health 419-330-2723
Diabetic Education 419-330-2772
Discharge Planning 419-330-2720
Emergency Room 419-330-2626
Endoscopy 419-335-2015
Environmental Services 419-335-2015
Food and Nutritional Services 419-335-2015
Fulton Rehab Facility 419-335-1919
Fulton Manor 419-335-2017
Fulton Suites 419-335-2017
FulCare Behavioral Health Services (Inpatient) 419-337-8661 
FulCare Behaivioral Health Services (Outpatient) 419-330-2790
Health Promotion Class Registration 419-330-2735
Health Information 419-335-2015
Human Resources 419-330-2646
Infection Control and Employee Health 419-330-2732
Laboratory 419-330-2631
Maintenance 419-330-2785
Medical Surgical Unit 2nd Floor 419-330-2745
Medical Surgical Unit 4th Floor 419-330-2765
MOB Specialty Clinics 419-330-2700
Marketing and Planning 419-330-2717
Materials Management 419-335-2015
Nursing Administration 419-330-2730
Obstetrics 419-330-2757
Occupational Medicine 419-330-2660
Patient Information 419-337-1015
Performance Improvement 419-330-2773
Radiology 419-330-2651
Rainbow Oncology Treatment Center 419-330-2708
Respiratory Therapy 419-330-2623
Outpatient Surgery 419-330-2781
Sleep Disorder Center 419-330-2683
Social Services 419-330-2720
Sports Medicine 419-335-2015
Surgery Department 419-330-2754
Utilization Review 419-330-2718
Wound Watch 419-337-7316