COVID-19 Precautions At Fulton County Medical Clinic

Restricted Visiting Policy:

Fulton County Health Center

Fulton County Health Center has adopted a color coded Visitor Restrictions policy to better adapt to the changing conditions as reflected by the state of Ohio Public Health Advisory System for each county.  These new guidelines adopted on Nov. 11, 2020 are color coordinated to better match the changing COVID-19 county conditions and follow the color codes as established by the state of Ohio for each county.  As of February 28, 2021 we are at level Orange for visitation.  To view our policy, click on the following: Visitation Guidelines

Fulton Manor:

Visitation guidelines updated 2/11/2021

Visitation will occur after consideration of the case status in the surrounding community, case status in the facility, staffing levels, access to testing of residents and staff; PPE supplies, local hospital capacity; and implications for resident physical and mental well-being.  Visitation may be suspended if any of these areas pose a safety concern for residents. To view our visitation guidelines for Fulton Manor, click here.