FCHC Expands Surgical Offerings

Northwest Surgical Specialists (NWSS) – Timothy Duckett, MD; Beth White, MD and Shahzad Hasan, MD plan to expand the number of hours they spend at FCHC each week. They will be seeing patients in clinic two days a week and will be in surgery another two days a week. Previously, they provided surgical services at FCHC only one day per week. The three NWSS surgeons will have office hours in the West Ohio Surgeon’s Office located on the second floor in the South Medical Office Building. (See related article). These surgeons, along with the other medical practitioners who have privileges at FCHC, provide a variety of surgeries including: orthopedic, urologic, bariatric, general, gynecologic, podiatric, plastic, vascular, and ocular (cataracts).

“The three of us are going to increase the number of different types of surgeries we offer at Fulton County Health Center, especially in the area of laparoscopic surgeries,” says Dr. Duckett. “And we will also begin performing more general surgeries as well.”

Among the surgeries the NWSS surgeons will perform are those for breast cancer, colon surgery, skin cancer, hernias, sleeve gastrectomies, and gall bladder removals among others. One of the three surgeons will be scheduled during their clinic days at FCHC, and one of them will be on call 24/7 for patients seen by their group and available for inpatient and ER consults when on call at FCHC every 3rd day during the week and every 3rd weekend typically.

“The three of us have been long-term members of the nearby Maumee community, and we are looking forward to spending time at Fulton County Health Center,” says Dr. Duckett.

To contact Dr. Duckett, Dr. Hasan, or Dr. White, or to schedule an appointment, call the office of West Ohio Surgeons at 419-337-7478.