FCHC Main Phone Line Identification

It has come to our attention that Fulton County Health Center’s main phone line, 419-335-2015 has been listed as possible spam and/or a robo call by certain phone systems. This is due to spamming organizations who are illegally using caller ID software, masking their true number with recognized numbers to get past phone blocking software all across the country. We are in the process of trying to address this with phone services and the Federal Trade Commission, but this problem is a growing nationwide issue and may take time to get resolved.

If you receive a call from Fulton County Health Center, we will clearly identify ourselves and our department. If you question if the call received is actually from the hospital, ask for the person’s name and department, hang up and contact the hospital’s main line at 419-335-2015 and ask to be transferred to the department and/or person who contacted you. If you believe however, that the call you received is not from the hospital or you provider’s office and believe this was a Spam call, please notify our Compliance Department at 419-330-2773 and let them know your concern. Thank you for your understanding on this as we work through this issue!