Doctor With Patient At Inpatient Care Facility

Inpatient Care Units

No one likes to be in the hospital. But when the need arises Fulton County Health Center offers care for both surgical and medical needs that requires inpatient hospitalization. Our inpatient services offer care for acute and chronic medical conditions from infancy through geriatric patients. On our surgical unit our staff is there to help in post-operative care and in pain management. On our medical unit our staff provide care for patients with medical conditions that include respiratory, gastrointestinal, congestive heart failure, post coronary, diabetes, cancer and debilitative diseases.

Our patient care consists of prescribed treatment associated with the stated condition or diagnosis of the patient. To meet the care needs of the patient, a physical assessment is done on admission. At that time, the patient’s medical history is also obtained. A physical assessment of each patient is also completed each shift. Telemetry, the ability to monitor heart activity is available in all our patient rooms. Intensive diabetic and congestive heart failure teaching is provided for patients diagnosed with these conditions to aid in the patient’s recovery after discharge.

We also have support services such as discharge planning, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietary, and speech therapy. These services are contacted promptly when indicated by the initial admitting assessment as well as when ordered by the physician. Care through these services is provided for our patients while in the hospital.

For more information you can contact us at 419-330-2745 or 419-330-2765. You can also email us at [email protected].