Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Fulton County Health

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Fulton County Health Center offers a range of therapy services to inpatients during their stay at the Health Center. Physical Therapy provides treatment including range of motion and strengthening exercises as well as balance, gait training and endurance exercises. Physical Therapy works with patients who have had total joint replacements, strokes, back pain or other health needs where they are weakened physically. Occupational therapy also works with patients for a wide range of diagnosis including total joint replacements, strokes and general weakness. Occupational Therapy works on activities of daily living as well as energy conservation. The speech therapist works with patients for speech problems as well as swallowing difficulties and cognitive or memory problems while they are an inpatient.
The same quality therapy services that the patients receive as an inpatient are also available to the patients if they are transferred to Fulton Manor.
No matter what the problem or the diagnosis many patients benefit from the quality therapy services that are available to them during their stay at Fulton County Health Center or Fulton Manor. If you have any questions please call (419) 335-1919 or email us at [email protected].