FCHC Rehab Patient Stories


During a snowstorm in 2022 Bonnie was out shoveling. When she walked into the house, she slipped and fell on the floor, injuring her shoulder. She had received treatment in the past, after knee surgery, at Fulton County Health Center Rehab and knew just where to go for her shoulder injury. She especially appreciates how friendly, knowledgeable, and caring the staff is at FCHC Rehab. This is Bonnie’s story.


Sue initially found Fulton County Health Center Rehabilitation after developing GBS (Guillain-Barré syndrome), a rare autoimmune disorder. Sue was also in a car accident shortly before this interview. But because FCHC Rehab helped her recover so well, she wanted to share her story and has returned for therapy services. This is Sue’s story.


Twenty one years ago Tyson suffered a crush injury and developed neuropathy in his foot, after multiple infections and surgeries, he made the decision to undergo a below the knee amputation. Since physical therapy at Fulton County Health Center Rehabilitation and because of his attitude, and motivation, Tyson feels it’s, “like I never lost a leg.” Thank you for sharing your story, Tyson!