FCHC Medical Weight Management

The Weight Solutions program at Fulton County Health Center  has now become part of FCHC Medical Weight Management program to provide more comprehensive weight management strategies you need for successful weight loss management.  Within a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, we providePatient Exercising At Fulton County Weight Solutions comprehensive weight loss strategies in helping patients not only lose weight but also find ways to improve their overall health.  Our program focuses on developing an understanding of how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle.   You’ll also benefit from counseling to help with the emotional aspects of changing your eating habits, and instruction on healthy and safe exercise. After you meet your goal, you’ll have ongoing support to help you maintain you healthy weight.  If you would like to find out more, vist FCHC Medical Weight Management website at www.fchcweightmanagment.org or call 419-330-2772.